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24 October 2019

Supporters have time to discuss and consider membership in a social setting with Beer Coaster Distribution, which is done with full approval.

Engage before the match. Afterwards, there is a chance your loyal supporters didn’t get the outcome they hoped for.

It’s hard to go wrong with Lettermen. They are fun, unmissable and people get excited and love to take photos with the giant letters.

Lettermen have been used in several ways: The team name to get people amped up; Showing who is playing with “vs.”; And letting people know the preferred hashtag for the game.

IMAGES: Lettermen being used in different ways: "Vs." for an upcoming game; The Team Name to hype up the crowd; and letting people know the official hashtag.

In support of Lettermen, add some Human Billboards or Sign Wavers. If it’s a late game, go Globes or Digital Billboards, which really pop at night. Support services show your branding. And our team members can speak with people about your team's app or membership.

IMAGES: Globes and Human Billboards light up at night.

Lead Up to Game Day

Sign Wavers, Bike Billboards, Chalk Stencils and Human Billboards have often been used to stir up supporters and prompt away team fans to come to the game. In the past advertising the rival team has evoked a passionate response.

Sign Wavers are great for targeting cars and pedestrians. Human Billboards and Bike Billboards both have large artwork space that is easily seen in a crowd. And the team members can hand out information about the upcoming game and membership.

IMAGES: There are a lot options to encourange supporters in the lead up to the game. From top left: Human Billboards, Sign Wavers, Chalk Stencils, Bike Billboards, Pedestrian Buzzer Wraps.

Thinking Strategically

Capitalise on the whole season with Coffee Cup Distribution and Beer Coaster Distribution. These services are venue-based, meaning they are activated with approval. You know where your team will be playing ahead of time. Speak with us about creating a network of venues that follow your team for the season.

IMAGE: Supporters have time to discuss and consider membership in a social setting with Beer Coaster Distribution and Coffee Cup Distribution, which is done with full approval.

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