Targeting Locals through Sport

24 October 2019

"Mums are responsible for $132 Billion in spending in Australia every year."

If you want to reach a high density of locals… this is where you’ll find them.

Whether they live around these parts, work here, study here or this is where their social circle is based, these are your bona fide locals. People who are active in and around your community.

In many cases games are back-to-back across many courts or fields. So over several hours, there is a regular flow of people coming and going.

Parents & Kids

For some reason, Saturday morning sport seems to have a particularly high concentration of dads in one spot. As well as mums; responsible for $132 billion in spending in Australia every year (GlobalData Insights, 2011).

Kids sports and games are often shorter than adult games. Perhaps half hour or hour sessions per age group, so there seems to be a constant flow of parents changing over throughout the day.

Not only this, parking is a nightmare and many people have to walk a short distance to the field.

IMAGES: Bike Billboards, Chalk Stencils and Coffee Cup Distribution are excellent for connecting with locals in their community.


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