Capitalise on the early sundown with these 6 servcies that LOVE the colder months ... ...
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6 Cold Lovers

6. Mini Projections
Mini Projections

Footage + Photos + Sound + We can offer Production. Mini Projections can move locations to target several areas in one evening or follow a crowd.


Mini Projections

5. Beer Coaster Distribution
Beer Coaster Distribution

Venue-based, Beer Coasters are distributed across our networks. Rain, hail or shine, these transcend seasons, weather and day-to-night.


Beer Coaster Distribution

4. Video Billboards
Video Billboards

These play Video + Photos + Sound. They work in daylight and look even better in the dark. Briefed team members can hand out information and answer questions. Capitalise on the commute home, regardless of an early sundown.


Video Billboards

3. Chalk Stencils
Chalk Stencils

Did you know it rains less in winter?? (Not you Melbourne, sorry.) This makes it perfect for Chalk Stencils; a temporary form of media that lasts up to about a week.


Chalk Stencils

2. Coffee Cup Distribution
Coffee Cup Distribution

Use these for when you really want your message read by people who may otherwise ignore it. It gets put in people's hands.


Coffee Cup Distribution

1. Human Billboards
Bike Billboards

Light Up > Attract Attention > Connect with People. In quiet or busy areas, they are so hard to ignore. Team members are briefed with the demographic and campaign for every shift.


Human Billboards

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