Data, What's in the Bag, Social and Public Response. See Recent Campaigns: KFC, Colliers International, Coles, University of Western Australia, Oz Medicann, Wilson Parking. Plus videos.
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Kicking Television Bags

The first week of Kicking Television is over... and the data is in. See the Report below, including what is in the bag, numbers, public response and social data.

2018 Media Kit is now available, with Insert Information, Water Bottle Sponsorship and Media Spaces.

Report for Kicking Television WEEK ONE REPORT Kicking Television Media Kit 2018 MEDIA KIT
VIDEO: What is Kicking Television? WATCH VIDEO Kicking Television Instagram INSTAGRAM

A few recent pics
Colliers International Colliers Bike Billboards BIKE BILLBOARDS KFC KFC Glue Up Posters GLUE UP POSTERS
Coles Coles Human Billboards HUMAN BILLBOARDS Wilson Parking Wilson Parking Magnets MAGNET BOMBING
Oz Medicann Oz Medicann Chalk Stencils CHALK STENCILS UWA UWA Coffee Cup Distribution COFFEE CUP DISTRIBUTION

Did you miss this?
VIDEO: Recent Lettermen Campaigns VIDEO: Posters 101 - Everything you need to know about Posters.

VIDEO: Recent Lettermen Campaigns

VIDEO: Posters 101 - Evrything you need to know about Posters

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Chalk Stencils Water Pressure Stencils Human Billboards Bike Billboards Pedestrian Buzzer Wraps
Coffee Cup Distribution Beer Coaster Distribution Lettermen Tear-Off Posters Mini Projections
Brand Ambassadors Sign Wavers Posters Video Billboards Magnet Bombing

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