Great campaigns from 2017... Rugby League World Cup, Coles, Murdoch Uni, WA Electrol Commision, Anytime Fitness, Snap Sydney, Nene Chicken
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7. Coles
Coles Campaign

It was impossible to ignore there was a new Coles in Subiaco, WA. For 7 days, we were at the station, on the main roads, in the shopping strips.. loud and #newcoles.

Human Billboards Bike Billboards

6. Anytime Fitness
Anytime Fitness Campaign

This multi-factor campaign in VIC covered all bases to ensure that regardless of the time of day, or what mode of transport you used, you saw the message. It gave potential clients every opportunity to engage.

Sign Wavers Chalk Stencils
Human Billboards Tear-Off Posters
Pedestrian Buzzer Wraps

5.  Nene Chicken
Nene Chicken Campaign

This was a perfect combination. Sign Waver for the opening day with the message reiterated throughout the suburb (Macquarie, Sydney). And hey... a chicken suit and jokes on the pavement? It was pretty lovable.

Chalk Stencils Sign Wavers
Pedestrian Buzzer Wraps

4. WA Electoral Commission
WAEC Campaign

This campaign in Perth was about recruiting people for the greater good. People were given horns (yes, horns) and water bottles. The face-to-face engagement was used to encourage people to vote and join forces. And, with the posters, it had an almost 'revolution feel' in the streets.

Bike Billboards Human Billboards
Brand Ambassadors Glue Up Posters

3. Murdoch University
Murdoch University Campaign

Long-engagement messages and these services are meant for each other. Murdoch Uni used a thought-provoking message, not directly labeling themselves but leading people to find the answer. Clever. Activated in and around Perth, the posters also covered people who didn't frequent local cafes or bars.

Glue Up Posters Beer Coaster Distribution
Coffee Cup Distribution

2. Rugby League World Cup
#RLWC Campaign

Using many services with changing messages across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, this campaign had a strong sense of building momentum.

Lettermen Chalk Stencils
Pedestrian Buzzer Wraps Water Pressure Stencils

1. News Corp
Snap Sydney Campaign

So much colour, so much presence. This vivid and lively campaign packed a punch for a single day event.

Chalk Stencils Lettermen
Pedestrian Buzzer Wraps Bike Billboards

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Chalk Stencils Water Pressure Stencils Human Billboards Bike Billboards Pedestrian Buzzer Wraps
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