Prep for baby snow fox... These 6 Services LOVE the colder months and early nights.
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6 Services that LOVE Winter

Take advantage of sun going down early with services that pop at night. And, connect with locals indoors with a few cold-loving campaigns.

06. Beer Coaster Distribution
Beer Coaster Distribution

Bars, nightclubs, pubs, RSLs, University Bars and more. Beer Coaster Distribution is excellent for thought-provoking, interactive or long-engagement messages. Convey one message or a series.

Beer Coaster Distribution

5. Video Billboards
Video Billboards

Combining your out-of-home message with a Team Member means you can interact with locals, hand out information, answer questions and direct people to a location. We can create video content for you with footage, animation and stills.

Video Billboards

4. Water Pressure Stencils
Water Pressure Stencils

Rain, hail or shine, Water Pressure Stencils are a quirky and direct way to expose locals to your message in any weather conditions. They require specialised equipment to remove, so can last up to a month or more.

Water Pressure Stencils

3. Mini Projections
Mini Projections

Now that we're living in the future, our Mini Projections are even clearer, more powerful and more clever than before. Used at night, we play footage, animations and stills in high foot traffic areas. Complete with Team Member, you get that face-to-face contact with your demographic as well.

Mini Projections

2. Human Billboards
Human Billboards

Turn from day to night. Our Human Billboards light up and the message really pops. Connect with people flooding out of train stations at dusk. This is a staple, affordable service with a short turnaround time. And as with anything, we can help with graphic design if you like.

Human Billboards

1. Coffee Cup Distribution
Coffee Cup Distribution

Want your message in someone's hot little hand for 10 minutes or more? Don't we all. Coffee Cup Distribution is the perfect medium for long-engagement messages or ones with a more complex call to action.

Concerned about the #waronwaste? Ask us about recyclable, biodegradable or compostable cups and lids. Or, about branded Keep Cup distribution.

Coffee Cup Distribution

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