Launched: GREEN options for Coffee Cup Distribution. High quality cups, distributed to local cafes.
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Keep Cups
Keep Cup Distribution

GREENEST: People want them, cafes want them. These food-grade, reusable cups are a hit all round. Available with a single message or two around the band, these are perfect for branding and long-term messages. Several colours available for cups and lid top.

Compostable Cups
Compostable Coffee Cup Distribution

GREENIE: Biodegradable and compostable cups + lids. These high-quality, double-walled cups have excellent space for full colour artwork. Be sure to let your coffee-goers know you've taken the green path by using a cup made from plants.

Regular (Recyclabe) Coffee Cup Distribution
Recylclable Coffee Cup Distribution

GETTING GREENER: 100% Recyclable cups + lids. These high quality, double-walled cups are desired and used by most cafes. Excellent artwork space. Note: Although these are your 'regular' takeaway coffee cups, not all regions support coffee cup recycling.


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