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09 January 2018

Open Day

Marketing for Open Day
Advertising Univeristy Open Day

IMAGE: Getting very public attention on Open Day.

"Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the consumer look smart."

Being the loudest is key for Open Days. Especially in a University district, where you need to be considered amongst the flock. Lettermen takes the cake for most public and hard-to-ignore service. Human Billboards, Bike Billboards and Brand Ambassadors can have that personal connection with people flooding out of train stations.

Human Billboards allow people to preview the message before engaging. People are open to consideration on this day and a this may be enough to entice.

Several universities used Pedestrian Buzzer Wraps, Chalk Stencils and Magnet Bombing to cover a locale in an interesting way.

General Enrolments

advertising new course to study
Marketing course in australia

IMAGE: Anyone can start a course, at any time.

Starting a new chapter is for anyone and can happen at anytime. These campaigns sow the seed. Murdoch University and UWA used long-engagement services, like Coffee Cup Distribution and Beer Coaster Distribution where people have time to ponder the options. Murdoch also used Glue Up Posters, which hits the masses in urban areas.

New Initiative - Specific Course, New Campus & Initiatives

Marketing universities
Marketing schools

IMAGE: With a specific course or initiative, marketing can be more targeted.

Confucius (Newcastle University) used Brand Ambassadors to hand out fortune cookies to promote their Chinese language course. Macquarie University used Human Billboards around transport hubs for SIBT.

National Science Week used Water Pressure Stencils and Chalk Stencils surrounding schools across WA, including Mandurah up to Broome.

WA Police used Bike Billboards with strong imagery across busy beach areas to recruit students.

Alphacrucis College used Pedestrian Buzzer Wraps and Bike Billboards for the launch of their new campus in Brisbane. This multi-factor approach covered an area as well as having face-to-face engagement during peak times of day.

What can we learn from these campaigns?

  • Getting noticed on Open Day is competitive stuff. Face-to-face engagement, like Human Billboards, and services that have a big public impact, like Lettermen, are great options.
  • Long-engagement services, like Coffee Cups and Beer Coasters are excellent for planting an idea and association with a specific institution in someone's mind.
  • Saturating a localised area can be achieved with Chalk Stencils, Water Pressure Stencils and Pedestrian Buzzer Wraps. And with Chalk Stencils, multiple messages or series messages can be more interesting.
  • Using a combination of services means an area can be covered and face-to-face engagement occurs with people at peak times.


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